Aware of the importance that the quality of a product has in the critical field of construction, Buoso Materiali Edili has decided to offer only some chosen and reliable brands in Merlara. Reliable products can only come from manufacturers that are as professional and passionate about this industry as we are. This allows them to produce everything is necessary to complete your work, reliable and high-performance tools necessary for each task and that help to transform what was previously only an idea on paper into solid and wonderful reality. To find products that lived up to these expectations and had the quality we needed, it was necessary to do long, careful and meticulous research, through many tests carried out personally and in-depth conversations that helped us to learn about every little detail and the most interesting qualities of those products. Research that also left out some products because of quality standards too low for our needs. After this long process, today we have a short list of leading suppliers in the industry, whose products we are proud and happy to offer to all our customers.

The main companies we have decided to use for our offer of brands in Merlara are:
• Crivellari e Zebini
• Danesi
• Kerakoll
• Tegolaia
• Vardanega
• Fornace Centrale
• Villaga Calce
• Locatelli Intonaci
Famous manufacturers well-known in the industry with which we have had the pleasure of working together for several years, whose professionalism in the production of construction materials is beyond dispute and whose products we know perfectly. This allows us not only to guarantee the quality of every single item that our customers decide to buy from us, but also to be very knowledgeable about them. This way, we are able to recommend the right product for each specific need, providing high-quality and professional service for each of our clients.