Buoso Materiali Edili in Merlara


Buoso Materiali Edili in Merlara, in the province of Padua, specialises in the retail sale of building supplies of all kinds, such as mortars, adhesives, building materials, insulators and much more.

The company was founded to provide a service that is often considered secondary but is actually absolutely necessary and essential for the execution and the relative success of many construction works: the supply of building materials. For this reason it has been for over 50 years the benchmark in Merlara and the surrounding towns for the supply of building materials and hardware, with a staff of carefully selected and trained professionals able to provide the right support for each customer, regardless of the type of request and necessity. Our staff is not only chosen on the basis of the experience they have in this field and their professionalism, but is also constantly trained to be up to date on the latest advances in the industry.
The great professionalism and expertise in the industry have made Buoso Materiali Edili a benchmark in Merlara in the important field of construction. Thanks to our professionalism, constantly looking for ways to improve our services, Buoso Materiali Edili is now a well-established company in the industry with a broad clientèle who can rely on the know-how and expertise of experienced staff ready to provide advice. We are well aware that all needs and requests of our clients are unique and special, so we provide a highly personalised service, modelled on the specific needs of customers. Thus, we can be confident that we offer the right instruments to work in total safety, both physically and mentally. Using our services and our building supplies in Merlara, you will be certain that you are using high-quality materials and products to achieve satisfactory results thanks to the reliability of the instruments. All items in our big catalogue are carefully chosen among the best manufacturers on the market, their robustness, reliability and longevity is assessed to make sure we offer only the best in the industry.