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Building Supplies in Merlara


We provide our clients with a highly personalised service, designed to their specific needs. Thus, we can be confident that we offer the right tools to work in total safety, both physically and mentally. Using our services and our building supplies in Merlara, you will be certain that you are using high-quality materials and products, to achieve satisfactory results thanks to the reliability of the instruments with which you work. All articles in the product catalogue are carefully chosen among the best manufacturers in the market, so you can be sure we offer only the best the industry has to offer.

Buoso Materiali Edili


Buoso Materiali Edili is a company located in Merlara, in the province of Padua, specialised in building supplies of any kind, such as mortars, adhesives, building materials, insulators and much more. The company was founded to provide a service that is often considered secondary but is actually absolutely necessary and essential for the execution and the relative success of many construction works: the supply of building materials. That is the reason that for over 50 years our company has been the benchmark in Merlara and the surrounding towns for the supply of building materials and hardware, with a staff of carefully selected and trained professionals able to provide the right support for each customer, regardless of the type of request and necessity. The great professionalism and experience in the industry have made Buoso Materiali Edili a benchmark in the important field of construction.

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Building materials


Buoso Materiali Edili, with its building supplies in Merlara, takes into consideration quality and safety when choosing the products to offer to customers. Construction materials are not all the same. Only the best materials are chosen.

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Buoso Materiali Edili, thanks to its wide assortment of tools, can always provide you with the tool you need to complete your construction project in the best way. Reliability and safety guaranteed to each customer.



Gardening is an ancient art which helps to regenerate your body and relax your mind. But if you work in the wrong way, using unsuitable low-quality tools, even the most beautiful garden can be ruined and even the best green-fingered gardeners encounter difficulties.

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Doors and windows


The doors and windows of a house must ensure the security of those who live inside. They must also be able to provide the right balance between a sense of security and the freedom to communicate with the outside. For this reason, they must be robust and durable.

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Renovating your own home is a very delicate subject. It touches the most intimate sphere of a person torn between the desire to make their home cosier and the fear of making mistakes that could ruin forever the familiar comfort of their home, their everyday lives. For this reason it is always better to rely on the experience and professionalism of the experts at Buoso Materiali Edili that, with its building supplies in Merlara, will provide the right support for the renovation of your home. But not only. The staff of Buoso Materiali Edili is also experienced in many other areas of the construction industry, offering the right advice to choose the best construction materials, the gardening tools suitable for a particular job or which doors to install. Only at Buoso Materiali Edili you will find such a good and reliable service.